Dark fantasy elf

Work In Progress / 29 November 2021
Something ive been having fun doing during my free time.


Update on my Oni Character

General / 27 April 2021

Almost finishing my character. I still havent decided if i should add a few hair cards. Testing lighting and materials at the moment.




General / 25 January 2021

A guy ive been working on during my free time. Almost time for retopo ;)



Almost finished

Work In Progress / 30 October 2019

Nearly done with this guy. I'm still tweaking textures and some other things. Im also trying to figure out what to do with his hair. 

I dont know what hairstyle to give him, im about to start experimenting.



Cyborg WIP

General / 13 August 2019

Something ive been working on recently, Partly inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. My goal is to make a more realistic Character  than my previous ones.

Im still Detailing and adding some assets, but hell be ready for retopo by the end of the week i think. 

Hope you like it !



Huante Creature

General / 29 August 2018

Things have been busy lately  so haven't been able to do as much as id like to. But i managed to make this  quick sculpt based on a Carlos Huante artwork. Hope you guys enjoy


Original sketch by Carlos Huante:




Work in progress

Work In Progress / 20 August 2018

This is something ive been working on lately, still missing some assets and a bit of detailing. buut almost ready to start retopo.


Mr. Bone Head

General / 05 April 2018

I worked on this guy for fun before starting  my next character. maybe ill retopo and texture him later.



General / 18 February 2018
Another practice sculpt
This one  I made after reading a bit  about The Hobbit


Deep one

General / 18 February 2018
Innsmouth dude with and Innsmouth look. 
This is just something I did  for practice. working on getting stuff done quicker